Humatrix® Microclysmic Gel for Treatment of Tissue Trauma

Over the last few months Fade Fast has been testing a new product that is specifically designed for healing of tissue that has undergone laser treatments. We have now entered phase two of our trials and are looking for clients that are interested in using free samples of this product. If you would like to participate, you only need to meet two criteria:

  1. You must have undergone at least one laser tattoo removal session prior. This will help establish a baseline to compare the differences in healing while using Humatirx.
  2. You must be willing to answer a short survey. Either in person or by email.

So far, in phase one of the trials, we have received about an 85 percent positive response, 15% neutral and zero negative responses.

General Positive Response – Reduction of post treatment discomfort and shorten healing time.
General Neutral Response – Saw little to no difference between using Humatrix and other healing methods.

If you would like to participate in our product testing, please drop us a line or ask about it when you come in for a treatment. For more information on Humatrix, please visit Care Tech Labs website:


Humatrix® Microclysmic Gel exhibits endothermic and biometric properties which cool traumatized tissue and aid in the homeostasis of healing. Humatrix® Microclysmic Gel provides the ultimate moisturization for burns, autograft procedures, radiation irritation, glycolic acid peel irritation, mechanical injuries, laser treatment, and chronic wound therapy. Advanced biochemical technology provides several unique benefits. First, the time release of water molecules provides the traumatized tissue a consistent level of humectancy to promote tissue regeneration. Secondly, Humatrix® provides a protein template to assist the biological regeneration of fibroblast cells necessary for wound healing. Thirdly, the cooling process of Humatrix® lowers the surface temperature 8 to 12 degrees within three minutes preventing further tissue damage caused by dehydration of cells. Humatrix® Microclysmic Gel is a bacteriostatic, protein enriched formulation designed to maintain a moist, sterile environment which promotes and accelerates cellular regeneration by replicating the natural fibro-connective template and promoting fibroblast activity, the precursor of collagen formulation. The fibron network maintains homeostasis via the product’s bio-chemical process by the addition of an analog of extracellular matrix. Humatrix® assists in the reduction of hyper-granulation, scarring, and hyper-contracture as well as increases both the extensibility and flexibility of human skin with the addition of the glycosaminoglycan matrix. Humatrix® is an excellent adjunct to wound treatment. Humatrix® maintains a sterile, moist environment for the healing of chronic and acute wounds by modulating the osmotic pressure of tissue by the timed release of moisture for cellular regeneration.

Dallas 9-Year-Old Aspires To Be Tattoo Artist

Channel 11 news was in the shop two days ago doing a story on story on Lilly and now it’s exploding all over the internet. I heard it even made the front page of Yahoo News and CNN.

span class=”cbstv_attribution”>DALLAS (CBS 11 News) ― According to Lilly Hibbs, tattoos are a way of life. Her mom works on body piercing and her dad is a tattoo artist. The 9-year-old said she just wants to follow in his footsteps.

“Monkey see, monkey do,” said Stephen Hibbs, Lilly’s dad. “I guess she watches us everyday she wants to be a part of it.”

Stephen said he just couldn’t be prouder. “Most parents would say, ‘I can’t believe your kid wants to be a tattoo artist.’ Where I say, ‘I can only be lucky if my kid turns out to be a tattoo artist,'” he said.

Lilly spends her day at Suffer City Tattoos in Dallas, doing what she says comes naturally, learning the skill of body art.

“When I was 7, my dad asked me if I wanted to tattoo him and I said yes,” she said. So, Lilly tattooed her dad with a picture of Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants.

The video was posted on YouTube. “One person saw video of me tattoo. They just stopped in saying they wanted a tattoo by me,” Lilly said.

One person even drove from North Carolina to get a tattoo by Lilly. “He wanted an anchor, so she drew him an anchor,” said Stephen. “He loved it.”

But Lilly has a little help. The needle is heavy, so her dad holds on while she draws.

At only $5 for each tattoo, Lilly realizes that she won’t get rich any time soon, but she is saving up for something a little zany: a gigantic plastic gingerbread man.

“I don’t think I will ever buy her a plastic gingerbread man, she will buy it for herself,” said her dad.

Lilly has drawn about six tattoos and says she realizes she has a lot of art classes to take before she can perfect her skill. Meanwhile, her dad worries that, like most kids, she will rebel — throw in the needle and run off to join a sorority.