Tattoo Removal Creams – Revisted

In a previous blog post I touched on one of the more common tattoo removal creams: Wrecking Balm  People have been asking more about it.  So I decided to do a follow up with a bit more information.

Here are the instructions: (Visit the older blog for a full breakdown of the ingredients)
(I am paraphrasing as to not violate any copyright laws)

  1. The first step involves buffing the skin with Suffusion Gel and a device called the DemoMatic with Erosion Head, 3 times a week. (The device is basically a vibrator with a sandpaper end attachment)
  2. The second step is to spray the area with the Demo-Brasion spray.  After 90 seconds the area is rinsed.
  3. The third step is to apply the HydraVescent Cream.
  4. …and lastly the fourth and final step is to apply the Branding Butter Concealer to hide your tattoo.

Essentially the process involves mechanically buffing off layers of skin and using Salicylic Acid to help further exfoliate the deeper tissue.

From Wikipedia:
Salicylic Acid Also known as 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, one of several beta hydroxy acids (compare to AHA), salicylic acid is a key ingredient in many skin-care products for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, calluses, corns, keratosis pilaris, and warts. It works by causing the cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, preventing pores from clogging up, and allowing room for new cell growth.

The 2 main advantages that laser removal has over these topical products are:

  1. Laser energy can penetrate deeper into the dermis to breakup the ink that dermabrasion/acidic peals my not be able to reach.
  2. The process of laser removal involves fracturing the ink without damaging the surface the skin.

If you have any experience, positive or negative, with this or any of the other tattoo removal creams, I would love to hear the feedback.

Attack of The Enigma

The real story here is that The Enigma and Serana drove up from Austin to have a tattoo removed from her foot. But in true Enigma fashion this story deserves a bit of embellishment. So for reading pleasure I give you, “Attack of The Enigma!”


It was an average day here at Fade Fast when a strange thing suddenly appeared in our office.


It seemed friendly and curious so we decided to let this strange blue creature stay and observe.


Suddenly it became extremely agitated.


But the gift of protective eyewear seemed to soothe the savage beast.


The creature became inquisitive. What was about to happen?


Its native language was strange, but I swear it said, “Why Would She?”


Questions soon turned to Confusion…Confusion turned to Horror.


“Why remove tattoo???”


“OOOOO Evil Green Light!!!”


It poised to attack.


I had to think quickly…or I new I was doomed!


Of course his only weakness.


Threatened by the awesome power of the laser, the giant blue puzzle stood quietly and watched.


Would the laser have stopped the Enigma? I guess we’ll never know.


In all seriousness, I would like thank The Enigma for making the trip to Dallas and trusting us to do a removal and his lovely girlfriend Serana Rose.

And of course thanks to Stacey Potter for coming in and shooting the photos.