Tattoo Ink Study

Recently we put together a study to determine how different laser wavelengths interact with particular colors and more specifically different brands of tattoo inks. This test was designed to present empirical data proving or disproving the following statements:

Presently the four most common wavelengths that are used to remove tattoos are:
1064nm (infrared light) is absorbed by black and most other ink colors
650nm, 694nm, 755nm (red light) are absorbed by green ink
585nm (yellow light) is absorbed by blue ink
532nm (green light) is absorbed by red ink


The study was also designed to further determine the interactions of each wavelength on nonstandard or mixed colors such as orange, teal, purple, etc. In addition, the effectiveness of infrared light (1064nm) was tested on all colors to determine the absorption rates in comparison to the standard complimentary colors. Ex: Green absorbs Red Light.


Many of the inks did conform to the generally accepted light absorption archetype. However, some colors did not and produced some very surprising results. The outcome of this preliminary test identified some interesting ink interactions with every wavelength; most notably the less commonly used 585 (yellow) wavelength.


High resolution photos were taken and cataloged to show each ink’s interaction for side-by-side comparisons. All of the data produced by this study will be available during our lecture at The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth, October 3rd at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nevada: