5 Years and over 6000 Treatments Later

September 19th, 2012 is truly a historical day for Fade Fast. Exactly five years ago today Allen Falkner treated his very first clients, including himself. (See the 9 Bar Removal Project) At the time Fade Fast was little more than a dream, however through hard work and dedication we have made it past the five-year mark and preformed more than Six Thousand treatments.

Six Thousand? Why not Sixty Thousand or more? This is actually a common question and the answer is quite simple, client satisfaction. There have been times when we’ve considered expanding, taking on new technicians, and trying to capture a larger audience. At this point we don’t feel it’s the best for our clients. We want you to work with the same technician every time. We want to spend quality time with each client. We want to be familiar with your tattoo. Ultimately we want to treat tattoos that we know will have great results.

Bottom line, our business is built on results not profit margins. From day one our motto had been, “better artwork is our passion.” Five years may have come and gone, and our goal has remained the same. On behalf of everyone here at Fade Fast we would like to thank our clients for their support and patronage over the years.