Bound by Honor

Along with removing tattoos and lightening pieces for coverup,
Fade Fast is now selling books, prints, and art produced by local tattoo artists.

This month we are featuring an amazing book from Enrique Castillo.

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Bound by Honor – $100
A tribute to black and grey flash
by Enrique Castillo

Bound by Honor is 180 full size pages of tattoo flash, tattoos, artwork, bios, and interviews from the world’s top black and grey tattoo artists.

  • Foreword by Jack Rudy
  • Limited run of 1,500 numbered hardbound copies
  • Tattoos and art by Jack Rudy, Chuey Quintanar, Jojo Ackermann, Kore Flatmo, Boog, Filip Leu, and many, many more

About the Author:

Enrique Castillo, born and raised in Texas, is a local DFW artist that specializes in black and grey. He has been tattooing since 2001 and can be found at Fine Line Tattoos in Garland Texas.
Enrique Castillo

More Than Just Removal

Here at Fade Fast our business often goes beyond tattoo removal. From day-one our goal has been to help people that are unhappy with their tattoos. Sometimes that requires total removal. Other times we simply lighten tattoos to be covered with better artwork. There are even clients that don’t need our services. For people that just need their tattoos fixed, we are always happy to provide advice and referrals.


More Information

To contact the featured artist please visit his website. If you would like more information about lightening your tattoo to be covered or to find referrals for tattoo artists in the DFW area, please visit:

If you are local tattoo artist and would like your art featured here at Fade Fast please send us an email or stop by anytime to show us your work.