TequilaCon 2015

Tonight, Saturday February 28th. Fade Fast will sponsoring TequilaCon at the Red Light Lounge in Dallas.

TequliaCon Square

Come out tonight and enjoy a free shot of Tequila AND you get to keep the glass.


Red Light and Fade Fast tattoo removal present

TequilaCon 2015- Come celebrate all things…Tequila

Doors open at 9:00
Special Tequila…and Tequila specials all night long

W Dj Cassidy, J-Who, Sean Sparks & Space Chase

Inside the Red Light
29 Eleven Main Street…
Deep Ellum

Sydni Deveraux: On body modification, elective surgery, and the joys of changing your body in the age of the Internet

Whether you are looking to get a tattoo, have one removed, or thinking about modifying your body in general; this article by Sydni Deveraux is an excellent read.

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Before You Tattoo Slideshow: Tattoo Types, Safety, Removal

You don’t have to look far in a crowd to see a tattoo today. Among people 18 to 30 years old, one person in four  is inked. In the next few years, 40% of this age group likely will be. Once a guy thing, now  up to 65% of those with tats are women. Thinking of a tattoo for yourself? Find out why people get  them, the health risks involved, and your options if you change your mind.

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