Choosing Your Technician

The laser tattoo removal industry has quickly grown in the last several years. For the industry, that means more and more technicians coming into this field. Some are well trained and dedicated to their job, while others have very little understanding about the procedures they are performing. It also means a few things have changed for clients interested in getting a tattoo removed. The idea of tattoo removal is not such a scary, foreign idea anymore. More and more people have gone through the procedure and are willing to talk about their experiences. It also means clients now have many more options. Figuring out who is best qualified to perform your procedures can often be difficult.

At times the field of laser tattoo removal can be very hard to navigate. Even clients that do their research are often confused or overwhelmed by the abundance of outdated and incorrect information. Though online resources can be helpful, it can still be quite confusing. Words like “Nd:YAG, pulsewidth, and nano/picometers” aren’t in most people’s everyday vocabulary.

So how do you determine who you should or shouldn’t let work on you?

Know what questions to ask. Employees of a laser clinic should never be upset answering questions regarding their abilities or their equipment. Most lasers technicians have dedicated large amounts of time to their training and careers. You should expect them to enjoy discussing the equipment, science, and the results they have achieved.

consult questions2

Although these questions aren’t foolproof, they will help to determine someone’s qualifications. Also, it is a good start to allow you to get to know your technician. Along with looking at portfolios, trust your instincts. Were all your questions answered? Equally as important, are you comfortable with your decision? If you feel pressured or are unsure about treatment options, take the time to get a second opinion.

Check back soon for Part 2 of this topic: What to expect during your procedure.

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