Nine Bar Removal Project

Laser Tattoo Removal

The gradient laser removal project started August 17, 2007 when Adam Walsh of Hold Fast tattooed the bars on the inside of my right arm.  We chose 9 because an approximate spacing of a half-inch seemed to work well aesthetically, and 8 treatments seemed to be a reasonable estimation to remove a black tattoo.

I began treating the tattoo on September 19, 2007.  This was of course quite soon to start the removal, but the process was as much about experimentation as it was to show my clients how the process worked. As you can see by the first treatment, the ink was quite resilient, breaking down in an uneven fashion.  This result is actually fairly uncommon, usually only seen when treating newer tattoos.  Also, in treatment number two you can see an unusual result.  The white patch on the right side of the bar was from a scab that I accidentally pulled off.  Of course total ink removal is a plus, but I could have been left with a scar.  Thankfully I was not.

Treatments three through five all went as planned with only one constant issue.  The 9th bar, and sometimes number 8, would often blister post treatment.  This was most likely attributed to heat generated by my bicep touching the area when my arm was bent.  Treatment six also went as planned with another minor problem.  Again I accidentally pulled a scab from the area.  This time however the area did not loose color.  In fact, the opposite happened.  The scab was more superficial and the underlying dermis was exposed leaving a very dark area in the tattoo.  It took a few months, but in time the epidermis regenerated and the color evened out.

Treatments seven and eight went well. I increased the energy quite a bit to knock out as much color as possible. I was a bit more aggressive than normal, but the project was nearing completion and results needed to be more dramatic if possible.  Bar number 9 is not perfect.  There is still a bit of tattoo ink left, the tissue feels slightly different and depending on ambient temperature the area will turn red at times.

The removal project ended with the final laser treatment on February 17, 2009 and the outlines tattooed on April 2, 2009.  Overall I am happy with the final product with one minor exception. As can seen in the photo, the bars that were once straight and symmetrical, have changed shape dramatically as they were progressively treated.

In time the bars will continue to fade and the outlines will soften.  So, in the future I will be updating the photo and possibly the story behind the project.

Credit and Special Thanks to Stacy Potter for the photo.

Attack of The Enigma

The real story here is that The Enigma and Serana drove up from Austin to have a tattoo removed from her foot. But in true Enigma fashion this story deserves a bit of embellishment. So for reading pleasure I give you, “Attack of The Enigma!”


It was an average day here at Fade Fast when a strange thing suddenly appeared in our office.


It seemed friendly and curious so we decided to let this strange blue creature stay and observe.


Suddenly it became extremely agitated.


But the gift of protective eyewear seemed to soothe the savage beast.


The creature became inquisitive. What was about to happen?


Its native language was strange, but I swear it said, “Why Would She?”


Questions soon turned to Confusion…Confusion turned to Horror.


“Why remove tattoo???”


“OOOOO Evil Green Light!!!”


It poised to attack.


I had to think quickly…or I new I was doomed!


Of course his only weakness.


Threatened by the awesome power of the laser, the giant blue puzzle stood quietly and watched.


Would the laser have stopped the Enigma? I guess we’ll never know.


In all seriousness, I would like thank The Enigma for making the trip to Dallas and trusting us to do a removal and his lovely girlfriend Serana Rose.

And of course thanks to Stacey Potter for coming in and shooting the photos.