1200th Treatment

On Tuesday May 19th, 2009 Fade Fast hit an amazing milestone, our 1200th treatment! This achievement is especially significant in that every treatment was performed by Allen Falkner, not an accumulation of treatments by multiple technicians. Below is a before and after shot from our client Chris: (The 1200th treatment was done just after the right side of the photo was taken)


Below you can see a step by step series of images from untreated (top left) to the 8th treatment (bottom right). The white frosting in the last photo is actually a normal post treatment response that disappears 10-15 minutes after the procedure. Click Here for more information on frosting.


As you can see, the tattoo is not completely removed, but we are very, very close. Another thing you might notice in the first image is that Chris lost 30 pounds since we first started. Congratulations Chris and thank you for trusting us with your tattoo removal!


People commonly ask, “What is the ‘whitening’ or ‘frosting’ on the surface of the skin produced during laser removal?” The answer:  As the tattoo pigments absorbs the laser energy it fractures the ink into smaller particles and releases heat into the surrounding dermis and epidermis. During this rapid, localized heating of these skin cells, steam or gas is produced creating the “crisp whitening” optical effect.


Normally the frosting disappears within the first 10-15 minutes as the body reabsorbs the gas bubbles