Below are examples of results that you might expect. Of course, some tattoos react better to laser treatments than others.


Results vary dramatically from person to person…and here is why:

Tattoo Ink – Each pigment may be composed of several different colors that absorb energy at different wavelengths. It can take multiple sessions to target the different ingredients contained in just one ink.

Your Body – Everyone’s skin and immune system are very different. The process of removal involves fracturing the ink particles so the body’s lymphatic system can absorb and ultimately eliminate the foreign substance.

Location – Different parts of the body respond differently to laser treatments. Because the skin varies in both dermal thickness and relative blood flow, one area of the body can respond quite differently than another.

Skin Type – Besides natural skin color, skin types react differently to laser energy absorption. In most cases, lighter skin responds best to laser treatments. However, with patience, a variety of skin types can be treated with excellent results.

Tattoo Quality – Modern tattooing methods have made tattoos bolder, sharper and longer lasting than ever before. This factor plays a huge role in the removal process. The more ink in the skin, the longer the process can take.

Patience – Tattoo removal is a serious commitment. Yes, we all want a quick fix, but the process takes multiple sessions. It’s our commitment, that with patience, you will be happy with your final result.

Click on the image below for an example of Treatments vs Time