Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you…

Removing tattoos might be our business, but removal can often mean editing an existing piece or making room for better work. Today is prime example of that. I have an old armband that has been treated twice and is now ready to be covered. Well, not quite. Mike worked on it for an hour or so today, but stopped because some of the areas are still too dark to cover. Looks like one more treatement before the tattooing can go any higher.

Wow the elbow is uncomfortable

I want to thank Mike for all the work he has done on my left sleeve…and in case you haven’t heard of the guy, here is a little background on him:

Some of you might know him from his tattoos on The Lizardman

…or possibly from his portrait of Maddox Jolie Pitt

One day everyone will really know him for his controversial paintings

…but me, I know him as the light handed tattoo artist with the SWEET ‘STACHE

Sorry, Mike….it had to be done.

Mike Tidwell Awards
Best Color Small – Texas Tattoo Roundup – 2002
Best Color Medium – Texas Tattoo Roundup –2004
Most Realistic– Texas Tattoo Roundup –2004
Best Portrait – Texas Tattoo Roundup –2004
Most Unusual – Texas Tattoo Roundup –2005
Most Unusual – Texas Tattoo Roundup –2007