Allen Falkner


Unlike other laser technicians, Allen Falkner is not only heavily tattooed and has undergone numerous removal sessions; he also owned and operated a tattoo/piercing studio for fifteen years prior to opening Fade Fast in 2007. This unique experience combined with close ties to some of the best artists in the industry gives clients endless possibilities to remove, modify or completely change their existing tattoos. Our goal is to give people the results they thought were too difficult to attain, with less discomfort and fewer treatments.

“The nine progressively lightening rectangles are more than the Fade Fast logo. I had them tattooed solid black on my inner arm. The first bar was not treated, the second treated once, the third twice and so on. I wanted a physical example of how the process works. Plus I wanted to show my commitment to the trade. How better to earn a client’s trust than to perform laser removal on myself first.”

~Allen Falkner